How to select an electric skillet

How to select an electric skillet? This question is often asked by potential buyers of electric skillets who hang about in different places in the net in search of the ideal electric skillet.

how to select an electric skilletWhatever you want to cook, ranging  from fried eggs to gourmet dishes, an electric skillet is there for you. Indeed, an electric skillet is a versatile kitchen gadget that every kitchen should have. This article lists the factors to consider before choosing an electric skillet to meet your cooking needs.

The electric skillet can be used as a normal frying pan for frying, roasting, cooking, frying and heating food products. The electric non-stick aluminum or coated stainless steel pots are equipped with thermo-regulators that allow homogeneous heating of the food and contribute to the maintenance of specific cooking temperatures.

One of the features that make it a very useful kitchen appliance is that it cooks food quickly, properly and evenly, making it an ideal companion for moms and dads who have to spend much time there to prepare meals that normally take a long time. Besides, heating or adding heat to the kitchen doesn’t stop, making it ideal for cooking summer meals. Here are some things to consider before choosing the best electric skillets and pans.


Check the tray size before starting. You can take into account the free space on the kitchen table and the number of people you need to feed regularly. Keep in mind that a large skillet is capable of preparing large portions of food in a much shorter time. A 12-inch skillet will help you cook a large steak easily. However, if you decide to use less than a 10-inch skillet, you can only grill a sandwich or fry up to two eggs.

In addition to the size, the shape of the skillet must be taken into account. Skillets can be round, elongated, square or rectangular. Oval and rectangular skillets and frying pans offer more cooking space than round skillets and pans, so you can cook more items at any time.

Structural material

When choosing an electric skillet, you must ensure it is covered with a non-adhesive material. Most models are made of Teflon-coated aluminum, but stainless steel models are also available, which are usually more durable and deformation-resistant. Be careful to invest in a skillet with heat-resistant handles and legs so that you don’t have to use the oven handle to move the skillet from the kitchen to the dining room.

Temperature control

An important feature of an electric gadget is its ability to regulate the cooking temperature. Skillets used primarily for frying should reach a temperature of at least 450 degrees Fahrenheit, while skillets that reach only 400 degrees Fahrenheit can be effectively used for frying small things like fish etc. It is really worth investing in such types of kitchen appliances which provide high and low temperatures and a warm environment that will help keep the food warm long after the end of the cooking process.

Coverage Options

An important and irreplaceable feature of the electric skillet is the lid. The lids can be made of glass or the same material as the tray. Needless to say, the glass lid will help you see the food  from outside while it is being cooked, and then capture the heat in the pan, while the solid lid will cause a small amount of  heat loss each time you lift the lid to check whether the food is done.

Steam discharge and steam venting

In addition, the electric frying pan is used for practical purposes; i. e. cooking meals containing additional fat. Drainage bottles help drain excess broth or fat from a cooked meal into the skillet and the lid ventilation holes prevent pressure from mounting inside the skillet, minimizing the risk of leaks and serious spills.

Additional Features

Look for a tall-walled skillet that not only allows you to store large amounts of food, but also easily cook whole chickens and large roast chickens. The high side walls allow the plates to be easily fried and heated. It is best to look for a pan with sloping sides for easy mixing. However, another feature to keep in mind is the closure of the lid, which prevents the liquid from escaping when the hot skillet is moved.

Cleaning problems

For obvious reasons, you want the skillet to be easy to clean and maintain. The models that separate the thermo-control panel from the skillet are the ideal choice for those who want to use the dishwasher. Ideally, you should be able to disconnect the AC adapter from the mains, so that no accident can take place.

Wrapping up

How to select an electric skillet

You should look for all these features in an electric skillet so that it doesn’t create any problem for you and make you feel that you have wasted your money on something you shouldn’t have bought. An electric skillet is an ideal kitchen appliance for moms who spend much time in the kitchen and can be their most desires companion while the cooking process is going on. Get one fast for your best cooking experience!






Hamilton Beach 38540 Step Up Electric skillet review

Hamilton Beach 38540 Step Up Electric skillet review

Hamilton Beach 38540 Step Up Electric skillet review

The Hamilton Beach 38540  step up electric skillet is an indispensable kitchen appliance for housewives, especially for those who have grown up watching their mothers or fathers cook delicious meals. And if you want to buy one, you can be sure that there is no shortage of high quality electric skillets on the market. However, there are very few electric skillets that can match the quality of an electric skillet like the Step Up Hamilton Beach 38540. If you go through this Hamilton Beach 38540 Step Up electric skillet review, you will know why this electric skillet is regarded as one of the most popular kitchen gadgets that people purchase for their home.

It is a great kitchen utensil, to say the least. Over the years, it has received a lot of praise from customers who have owned and used such a device, talking positively about the comfort and the top quality safety features that make it a joy to use. Here are some of its most subtle qualities and properties:

Hamilton Beach 38540 Features

The product dimensions are 16 “x 12” x 7 “. The 16-inch non-stick cooking surface of the electric frying pan invites you to do some cooking  immediately. The non-stick look makes it an ideal cooking appliance for the preparation of recipes that require such electric skillets. This model provides enough space for the ingredients to be mixed. The skillet has a relatively high rim so that the food can cook at suitable temperature without spilling.

The glass lid is another admirable feature of the 16-inch step-up Skillet from Hamilton Beach 38540 because it is transparent. The top side of the glass lid has a handle that remains cold like the side walls of the skillet.

The steel construction of the skillet gives it a long life and a solid appearance. This product will probably last for years or even decades if you use it carefully.

The electric skillet has a unique built-in spout. This makes it easy to handle broth, excess liquid and other ingredients that would otherwise be difficult to get out of the pan without spilling. This feature has made it an instant hit with users who are constantly harassed by the problems that arise in such situations.

The lid of the pan can be cut off to ensure that food is stored safely and warm enough for longer periods of time.

Hamilton Beach’s 16 “Step Up 38540 electric skillet has four thick rubber feet to protect the bottom from scratches and support the heavy metal hob. This function also makes it easier to work with the skillet if you are preparing for a buffet.

Hamilton Beach 38540 Step Up electric skillet can be used as often as you like during the day for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The only disadvantage can be its price, which is a little too high for many buyers. But given the advantages, we think it’s worth it.


  • Backing surface 12 “x 15”.
  • Cold handles to touch.
  • Adjustable temperature: up to 400ºF.
  • Durathon surface does not break and does not tear off
  • More depth for more versatility


  • Buzzing loud and loud when heating
  • Turns itself on and off, during  cooking can create problems
  • The cable is extremely short

Final verdict

Hamilton Beach 38540 Step Up Electric skillet review

With the backing of a non-stick coating, you can fry, simmer or stew and cook whatever you want. Prepare a toast casserole for breakfast or classic lasagna for dinner. With a depth of 3 inches and a 12 x 15 inches cook-top, this electric skillet gives you more capacity to prepare a variety of dishes at one go.

Manufactured with Durathon ceramic coating, the Hamilton Beach electric skillet offers superior non-stick properties. The heat is adjustable for a variety of cooking options and the handles remain cool throughout the cooking cycle. All in all, the Hamilton beach electric skillet is a great performer and offers excellent features that make the customer happy and satisfied.

Hopefully, this Hamilton Beach 38540 Step Up electric Skillet Review has given you enough information about this product and by now you should be able to decide whether to buy this kitchen device or settle for another that serves you better. All in all, this Hamilton Beach electric skillet is an excellent product with a lot of positive features and hence if you buy it, you won’t have to regret your buying decision.


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