Oster CKSTSKFM12W-ECO DuraCeramic Electric Skillet Review

Oster CKSTSKFM12W-ECO DuraCeramic Electric Skillet Review

Oster CKSTSKFM12W-ECO DuraCeramic Electric Skillet Review

Oster CKSTSKFM12W-ECO DuraCeramic Electric Skillet Review
Oster is a very popular name in kitchen gadgets. This square electric cooker saves 20 to 30 % of your energy consumption and cooking time by combining a high-quality heating element, a non-stick coated titanium cooking surface and a glass lid with a steam extractor. If you read this Oster CKSTSKFM 12W-ECO Duraceramic electric skillet review, you will b able to understand why this electric skillet sells so well in the market.

 Robust construction

The handles and legs sit together on each side. These two elements remain cold even at the highest cooking temperature of the electric cooker. The cooking surface is 12 square centimeters.

The square shape is perfect for pots and pans and paving clinkers for the whole family, but also for single portions and generous portions as remainders. The square shape also makes it easy to store this kitchen aid

High-tech cooking surface

The cooking surface is not a normal non-stick coating. Oster has developed its DuraCeramic surface with titanium to reduce harmful residues from conventional non-stick surfaces. With the tempered glass lid, you can keep an eye on your food throughout the entire preparation process.

High temperature

This skillet can reach up to a maximum temperature of 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, this quality kitchen tool can reach this temperature quickly thanks to its high-tech cooking surface. That’s why the glass lid is so important for you to keep an eye on the food.

Smaller size

The small size of the electric skillet makes it more portable. Take it with you on camping trips, family holidays or simply from your kitchen worktop to the dining room table.

Steam outlet

The sturdy glass lid has a steam outlet to cook your food perfectly. Remember that this appliance is smaller than other electric skillets, which speeds up cooking. Steam is part of the cooking process.


  • The surface is the best feature of this product
  • Non-stick coated, has a longer life than most non-stick coatings.
  • The ceramic coating also enables faster heating and firing.


  • The cooking surface does not detach from the temperature sensor
  • You cannot immerse the pan in water
  • It is relatively flat compared to the other models.


Q: Is the pan removable for cleaning? Is it easy to clean?

A: No, the pan is not removable, i. e. there is no dishwasher. Wipe the cooking surface with a damp cloth and clean it thoroughly. The stove is not dishwasher-safe.

Q: How deep is this pan?

A: Is it two- inch deep

Q: How many quarters does it contain?

A: It contains 3 litres. But two cozy, I’d say, depending on what you cook. Three liters of liquid is in half a centimeter of water.

One minus point of this electric skillet, as we have already mentioned,  is the small size of this kitchen device. A further disadvantage is the lack of a specific manufacturer’s guarantee. Oster always makes good products, but perhaps not as well designed as other brands. This model works perfectly in the household and in small kitchens. Your meals can be prepared quickly in the smallest of spaces. And if you hav a tight and cramped kitchen, you would definitely think of buying this Oster electric skillet.

Final verdict

Oster CKSTSKFM12W-ECO DuraCeramic Electric Skillet Review

Equipped with a unique and innovative Dura Ceramic non-stick coating, this electric skillet lasts much  times longer than conventional non-stick coatings and does not flake off easily.

The Dura Ceramic surface offers exceptional non-stick properties and durability. The safe and natural ceramic coating is also PFOA and PTFE-free, so you will have no worries about health hazards.

The Dura Ceramic surface allows you to cook up to 20% faster to eat faster and wipes food easily. This skillet has a large 12 “x 12” baking pan for the preparation of dishes without the need for a conventional stove. The removable and adjustable temperature regulator adjusts the cooking temperature precisely to achieve the desired results when cooking a wide variety of dishes. Hardened glass lid with steam vent and cold handle provide extra cooking comfort.

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