The Basics Of An Electric Skillet

The Basics Of An Electric Skillet

The Basics Of An Electric Skillet

An electric skillet can help you prepare meals quickly and easily. The electric skillet is in fact a versatile kitchen appliance, a practical utensil that can be used for many cooking methods. You can cook many dishes, from pork chops to steaks and hamburgers, baked eggs, sauces, and chips and more. If you take good care of this particular cooking gadget, it will last many hours of cooking for a lifetime. Hence, before buying one, you should have some idea about the basics of an electric skillet–know the facts.

 The Basics Of An Electric Skillet-- Know The FactsTo heat the skillet, it is plugged into an electrical outlet other than the stove or oven. It is a handy device because it can free up space in the oven or stove-top. A dish can be prepared and cooked in one device. Besides, the electric skillet gives you a better control over temperature than an oven placed in the stove. It’s a handy tool to have in one place when you don’t want to use your normal frying pan anymore.

Using an electric skillet

Most electric skillets can withstand various cooking methods, such as the following:


This method uses small amounts of oil or grease at medium and fast heat.


Stir-frying means cooking with a small amount of fat or oil and stirring food regularly.


Braising is a method that involves wet and dry heat. This means that the food is seared at a very high temperature and then covered with lid and afterwards left is a relatively low temperature for cooking.


This method consists of boiling quickly without fat or oil or browning the ingredients with a small amount of fat or oil.

Suggestions for electric skillets

If you have already purchased an electric skillet, we would like to remind you of some tips to help you make the best use of the appliance in your home. Following these tips guarantees a longer shelf life and better cooking time.

If the electric skillet is non-stick or Teflon, use a wooden spatula in the skillet while using the appliance. Remember that to protect the outer coating, you must use wooden utensils. Metal utensils only damage the lid of the appliance; they can cause scratches and once the lid is damaged, cooked foods in the appliance will stick to the pan. Wooden tools ensure a long service life of the non-stick coating.

After using the electric skillet, remember to let it cool before cleaning. Do not allow to cool with cold water. Let the skillet cool down on its own. Sudden temperature changes can cause deformation of the metal parts of the unit and damage the unit as a whole.

A non-stick electric skillet should always be cleaned with a mild detergent. If the device is covered  with persistent stains that do not go away with a single wash, you may need to soak it in water overnight. This will help remove the dirt and it will be easier to remove all the dirt that has accumulated the next morning. Remember to wash the appliance thoroughly and always by hand, not in the dishwasher.

If you do not want the appliance to be immersed in water overnight, wash it immediately after use when it has cooled down. Pots and pans and other containers are easier to wash than an electric skillet.

Before adding oil or grease, the container must be preheated. For stainless steel versions, a 5-minute preheating at low stage may be required. Then you can add the grease or oil and set the heat to medium. This procedure ensures that the food you serve is cooked evenly.

Wrapping up

The Basics Of An Electric Skillet

Hopefully, you have learnt something about the basics of an electric skillet. The advantage of an electric skillet is that it can maintain a constant temperature better than a frying pan on the stove. This makes it ideal for frying doughnuts (or whatever) and cooking pancakes or other grilled dishes. It doesn’t heat the kitchen as much as a stove, so some people really like to use it for quick cooking in summer. And having an electric skillet provides you a distinct advantage whenever you have unexpected visitors at home and you are expected to entertain them within a short period of time. Get one, if you don’t have it!