How To Use An Electric Griddle For Cooking–Tips You Should Look For!

There are some cooking gadgets that people don’t think is necessary for their kitchen. One of them is the electric griddle. You can ask any number of people who buy in a kitchen store about this appliance, and I am pretty sure they will tell you that it is not so important!

         Well, not until I got one for myself actually! To be quite candid, I never saw the value too, but since I got mine a few years ago, I haven’t regretted buying one for my kitchen. This simple kitchen appliance has many more benefits than you can imagine. I would like to inform you about the use of the electrical griddle, the operation of the product and the different ways you can use an electric griddle for cooking. 

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What is an electric griddle?

how to cook in an electric griddleAn electric griddle is a flat kitchen appliance that can be placed on a counter and used to prepare a variety of delicious meals. This device is made of cast iron and is partially coated with a non-stick coating.

Electric griddles have an integrated heating element, while stovetop griddles are manufactured to heat by means of two-burner stoves. This appliance is easy to use, easy to clean and suitable for cooking a large quantity of food. With this cooking gadget, you can prepare pancakes, eggs, hamburgers, hot dogs and many quick dishes. A good feature of this kitchen appliance is its ability to prepare food without consuming too much electricity.

Ceramic griddles are the right choice for a quick breakfast. With it you can prepare eggs, pancakes and bacon and at the same time toast bread in a toaster. The non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the plate, so you don’t have to add more fat to your meals.

This device is easy to use, not difficult to operate, and even an inexperienced cook can find his way here. Most electric countertops have heating settings that go from bottom to top so you can turn the dial and determine the temperature of the surface on which you want to cook. Also, the design of the electric griddle is quite practical. It has a lot of designs that are compatible with the kitchen decorations.

How to use an electric griddle

As already mentioned, the electric griddle is very easy to operate. I just want to give you some tips on how to find the easiest product to use.

First of all, for new users of the electric griddle, you want to start with something simple. Pancakes are very simple, you can start with them. Put a little oil on the plate and preheat the plate to about 350 degrees. After confirming that it is hot, you can lower the temperature of the plate before pouring the dough. Turn the pancake when it starts to simmer until ready.

In addition, the dish can be used to prepare different foods at the same time. After baking a batch of pancakes on the plate, you can clean the surface and prepare scrambled eggs. It is not necessary to use a griddle for dinner or full breakfast.

Finally, if you use the griddle for thicker foods, it is best to use aluminum foil to package the food. When preparing foods such as ham, steaks, meat and pizza in a roasting dish, wrap it in foil and wrap it in slices of vegetables or potatoes.

What can be cooked in an electric griddle

In general, most people an electric griddle to cook breakfast, such as bacon, eggs, steaks, and other types of meat. I’ll suggest some other foods that you can prepare with this device that are not quite expensive.

Crab cake

This cake is a good meal to prepare on the griddle, as it can be prepared in a single operation and not in batches. One of the biggest problems with batch baking is that at the end of the last batch, the first batch is either cold or a little dry from the oven.

It is best to cook them all on the stove at the same time and prepare dinner in the blink of an eye without using the oven. Shrimp meal should be prepared on an electric griddle and ready to serve in less than 10 minutes.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Sandwiches

It is an excellent meal that can be prepared in the blink of an eye. The impressive thing about preparing a cheesesteak in one dish is that you can do everything in one place and feel like a professional: the meat is cooked in one piece, the onions and the roast in another.

Chives meatballs with soy and ginger glaze

This crispy meat is very tasty and you will want to try it on your griddle. Contrary to the problem that occurs when cooking many small meatballs, the good thing about them is that even  if you cook them too close together, they get steamed and don’t get crispy.

Fortunately, cooking on a larger surface like a griddle means you don’t have to cook in four batches to get perfectly crispy meatballs! And, with lean meat like the turkey in this Smitten Kitchen recipe means you don’t have to worry about the oil drain you’d get if you used beef.


Especially this food needs a grill because it is mostly prepared from a Tandoor or pizza stones. And even if you use the Tandoor, you can only cook naan in one pan at a time. You will have to stand near the Naan for years. Cooking on the electric griddle saves time and effort while providing the great mottled browning you get with a hot surface.