Best Electric Skillet For Frying Chicken

People often wonder which electric skillet is good for frying kitchen. If you are really interested in knowing more about the best electric skillet for frying kitchen, this post is for you. For, here, in this post, we take into account the performance of the best three electric skillets for frying chicken.

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Electric skillets are indeed a fairly good alternative to deep fryers. They are more functional than a deep fryer, and, needless to say, they are pretty good for frying. When you buy the best electric skillet, you want enough capacity to avoid having to make several batches, and you want walls high enough to contain a good amount of oil without getting too close to the top edge.

Obviously, people would also want to purchase an electric skillet with a good company background and excellent feedback from customers. After reviewing tons of comments and wading through hundreds of customer comments, we found that the Presto 06857 16-inch folding electric skillet is the best choice for frying chicken for its value, as well as for the very positive comments it has received from real customers.

It has a very good capacity for high walls and is easier to store than the competition thanks to its folding construction. Read on to learn more about the Presto electric skillet and a couple of other suggestions in case the Presto does not meet your needs.

The best electric skillet for frying chicken

Our first choice:

Presto 06857 16-inch folding electric skillet

It is often difficult to decide which product is best suited to our audit criteria. In this case, however, the Presto 06857 electric skillet is by far the best electric skillet you can buy for frying chicken.

It has a large format, high walls, foldable design, cold handles and a support for the spout or appliances. In addition, it is one of the most cost-effective options on the market. This electric frying pan is really hard to beat. This model has existed for years and for good reasons too.

There is no reason to change the design, so Presto has kept it in its current form. This shows that if you design something well and offer it at a reasonable price, you can sell it very well. Competitor manufacturers may produce slightly cheaper products, but not all have the size, characteristics, or both. Our second choice was the only one that matched the performance of the Presto without being more expensive.

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Second place belongs to :

De’Longhi BG45 Electric pot BG45

The De’Longhi BG45 electric skillet comes very close to the Presto electric skillet in every respect. It’s just a little smaller and cheaper. There is also a lack of foldable design and nozzle or device support, which may not be important to some buyers, in exchange for a few dollars in savings.

It is a high-performance electric skillet with very high walls and a large capacity. The handles are cold and De’Longhi puts them in the dishwasher. The ratings are very positive, as are most of the comments from real customers. It is not as popular as the Presto, although it is cheaper, but this is probably because the lack of features is minimal. However, if every dollar counts, it is a very admirable choice and would serve everyone well as a high-quality electric frying pan for fried chicken and other foods.

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Last but not least:

Cuisinart CSK-250 1500 Watt Oval Electric skillet with non-stick coating

The Cuisinart CSK-250 is an upgrade option for your quality construction. The Presto and Delonghi are made of aluminium, while the Cuisinart is made of stainless steel. For real cooking, aluminum generally boils more uniformly than stainless steel, and it is much more durable and can withstand shocks much more easily without bumps.

High-quality stainless steel bathtubs from companies like All-Clad often have an aluminum core surrounded by layers of stainless steel so you can get the most out of both worlds. This doesn’t seem to be the case with this electric skillet, although we need not make the problem of uninformed cooking too big.

The heating element of this electric skillet has been specially developed for the stove and ensures very good and uniform cooking. The reason for upgrading to this model would be solely because of its longevity. It is as attractive as the other two, but it is also the smallest. The size is still sufficient for roasted chickens.

It’s a little more expensive than the others. Although this product may seem like a bad deal, it should survive against the other two, and this can more than compensate for the cost difference if you intend to use it intensively.

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Points to consider

How should one cook fried chicken in an electric skillet?

You will have to put the breaded chicken in the electric skillet with corn oil, which is filled about a quarter of the way from the inside of the pan to the top. Again, you must ensure that your oil is heated to 360 degrees or a medium high temperature and do not stack chicken pieces. You should cook on one side 8 to 10 minutes. Turn and cook for another 8 to 10 minutes. Remove and drain. Your fried chicken should be ready by now.

How do I clean an electric frying pan?

Many electric skillet manufacturers claim that their electric skillets are dishwasher safe. We have no doubt that this is generally true, but any non-adhesive surface will wear over time and dishwashers are known to be rough to non-stick coatings. We recommend that you do not place your non-stick electric skillet in the dishwasher. It is better to rinse it in the sink with soap and water and carefully wipe it off with a paper towel or kitchen towel. As long as the non-stick coating is in good condition, you should not have any problem while cleaning it.

Wrapping up

Best electric skillet for fried chicken

At the end of our investigation of the best electric skillets, we have to say that it is quite a close fight. The Presto 06857 easily wins when we consider its price, features, size and overall quality. The only thing that counts is the longevity due to the all-aluminium construction compared to stainless steel, but that would significantly increase the price of the skillet, and we have to admit that there are only a handful of people who prefer longevity to the price, size and features and performance of the Presto model.

All in all, the Presto 06857 is really the best skillet for frying chicken. And you should have no problem in using it for preparing other kinds of delicious dishes with it, let alone frying chicken. Your electric skillet should be your close friend in your kitchen.