Cucinapro Stainless Steel Electric Skillet Review

The Cucinapro Stainless Steel Electric Skillet has a splendid design that looks fantastic in any kitchen. With a 12-inch stainless steel cooking surface, it is one of the rare electric skillets that do not sport a nonstick coating. It is made of top quality stainless steel and looks quite tough and durable. Go through this Cucinapro Stainless Steel electric skillet review and you will be able to find out why this electric skillet is so well-accepted in the market.

cucinapro stainless steel electric skillet reviewThe handles are fixed with steel riveting for long life and are cool to the touch. The skillet arrives with a detachable temperature probe and a tempered glass lid which will allow you to see how your food is doing. The pan is dishwasher-safe. You may use it for frying bacon, chicken or fish. You may also prepare perfect pancakes or sauté vegetables. This electric skillet is indeed just perfect for a family of four or maybe one or two more.

CucinaPro Stainless Steel Electric Skillet Review

The Cucinapro Electric Skillet is a skillet with a lot of elegance. You can enjoy its appearance while you’re cooking and you can feel proud to set it out at a potluck party to serve a dish. If you are health conscious, you may be looking for an electric skillet without a nonstick coating. They are hard to find these days! This one will fill that requirement. So the people who are very finical about their health would surely take a liking for this electric skillet.

Before you cook your first meal, you must season the pan. Once your pan is seasoned, food will tend not to stick. This skillet is perfect for frying those dishes that require a delicate touch like chicken piccata and a few others like breaded zucchini.

The glass lid lets you check the progress of the food being cooked without opening the glass lid. The lid is made with a small hole to let steam out, is cool to the touch and the stainless steel rim on the lid makes a tight-fitting seal so that no steam unnecessarily passes out during the cooking process.

The high sides of the electric skillet make stirring fairly easy or turning while cooking.

Cleaning up is also easy. For most dishes, the stainless steel just wipes clean, especially if you have sealed the pan well and use oil when cooking. It sears meat quite well. If you like nice dark brown gravy, this pan will brown your food just right. This pan isn’t too light nor too heavy, which can be an important factor to consider when you are purchasing an purchasing an electric skillet or a frying pan.


  The temperature dial is useful when making dishes as you can easily keep the oil at the proper temperature to crisp the food without getting it soggy.

  • Cleanup is so easy, just wipe it clean and it looks spanking new.
  • Perfect size for a family of 4


 The Cucinapro Electric Skillet allows all the oil to come to the center of the pan, which prevents the food from cooking evenly. You have to keep moving things around so the oil does its job.

  • The plug could have been relocated to the back of the pan instead of being placed under one of the handles.
  • This makes using that handle rather difficult as the plug blocks the opening where your fingers would go.
  • The heating control should have a dot or an arrow or any other pointer to indicate what you have actually selected. It is hard to tell if you have it on or off until you realize that it aligns with the indicator lamp and turning the dial to the right will raise the temperature level.

 Main Features

  • Skillet is dishwasher safe and immersible (the temperature probe, however, cannot be put in water and the lid needs a handwashing.
  • Tempered glass lid features a large handle that is easy to grasp with or without a glove or a cotton cloth.
  • The removable temperature probe can be adjusted from 200 to 400 degrees.
  • Mirror-finish look makes it extremely elegant in the kitchen or on the table
  • 1500 watts
  • Measures 16 inches by 7 inches by 16.2 inches
  • Recipes and instructions are included
  • Electric cord is 53 inches long

Cucinapro Stainless Steel Electric Skillet Review

Final verdict

The Cucinapro Stainless Steel Electric Skillet is not just a fine piece of cookware, and a must-have gadget for your kitchen, it is quite easy to use and clean. Unlike some stainless steel cookware, it isn’t too heavy, though it is made of top quality stainless steel.

With a little bit of an extra care, this skillet will serve you well for many years while keeping you safe from the hazards of nonstick coatings. You really won’t have much to say about this skillet if you are looking to find fault with it.  The people who have already bought this fabulous skillet are highly effusive about it and have claimed that this electric skillet has served them well.

Time will tell whether it lasts for many years or not since it is relatively new to the market. If you are looking for an electric skillet without the nonstick coating that looks as great as it cooks, you should definitely take a close look at the look at the Cucinapro electric skillet . This electric skillet is likely to hold its position for a long time. We are quite sanguine that this CucinaPro Stainless Steel Electric Skillet Review has given you enough information for you to decide whether to buy this product for your kitchen or get something else that suits your requirement.


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