Does Feta Cheese Melt? All You Need to Know!

Does Feta Cheese Melt? 

does feta cheese melt

Does feta cheese melt? Have you ever tried melting feta cheese but arrived at an unusual outcome? If not, then you could be thinking these are completely absurd questions. Why would it be necessary for you to melt the feta cheese? It’s cheese, after all. So, what’s the point?

You might want to check out what we’ve learned concerning melting feta cheese prior to filling it into your sandwich of grilled cheese or spreading it on pizza you make for yourself at home. The answers to the questions might be a surprise to you!

Does feta cheese melt?

The cheese feta does not melt. This is due to feta having an extremely high acidity and also a high level of moisture.

You might be shocked to find out that there are some cheeses that don’t melt in any way. To clarify what we mean by melting and transform, we are referring to the soft, ooey-gooey and stringy goodness that snaps apart on a beautiful grill cheese sandwich!

It’s not just feta cheese that can never melt. Also, you won’t succeed in trying to melt goat cheese that is creamy, Indian paneer, Italian Ricotta, Cypriot,  Halloumi or Mexican Cotija cheese.

However, how could that be? What is the reason why some cheeses such as feta does not melt, while others like mozzarella, run through the sides of pizzas? Learn more about this here.

Why can’t feta melt?

If you’ve tried to melt goat cheese, feta cheese, cheese, or other watery, crumbly cheese, you’ve perhaps noticed that at some point it’s not going to take place what you want. Why is that? Do you think that this makes these adorable cheeses behave unlike cheeses?

Absolutely no! Feta cheese is still a cheese despite the fact that it isn’t melting. The only reason it doesn’t change into melty goodness is due to its high levels of acid and water. That’s right! Feta cheese is loaded with both.

You might be surprised to know that for every 150 grams of typical salty feta cheese there are 83 % of it is water! This means that more than half of the weight of feta is the identical stuff that you drink every day to remain healthy!

For each 100g of typical Feta cheese, a astonishing 19% is acidic. It’s because feta is loaded with pantothenic acid, which is also called Vitamin B-5. Pantothenic acid makes feta cheese have its distinct pop and tang! This is also a reason the reason feta cheese is unable to melt. Pantothenic acid has a high melting point!

With feta cheese’s high acid content and its water contents in consideration, there’s not surprising that it’s in no position to melt! This watery mixture is actually filled with calcium, which is why it is what makes feta cheese ineffective at melting as well as flowing freely, as other cheeses do.

What happens to feta when it is heated?

When cheeses such as gouda, mozzarella or even cheddar, are heated, they melt and form the stringy, flowing liquid that we are able to enjoy. However, when the high-water feta cheese gets heated, it will not melt.

When you heat feta cheese, it becomes soft. It’s true, there’s a bizarre chemical reaction taking place here. Crushed feta cheese that has been heated will start to form a dense mass of fluffy, soft, and soft. If you bake or cook it the feta cheese will begin to create a nice nuanced browning to the exterior.

In fact, if are looking for a truly wonderful feta taste, ensure you put them in the oven for a while to get brown. This will not only ensure it’s warm and cozy and delicious, but it will enhance its tangy and briny flavor!

How do I make Feta melt?

While there’s no definitive method to make the cheese melt in your mouth, there are methods to make it appear as if it’s melting. Why would anyone make this happen? Perhaps you’re creating an exquisite, Mediterranean grilled cheese sandwich that is stuffed with different cheeses. Feta cheese is the piece of resistance.

However, now you are aware that the feta cheese contained in the bread pieces will not melt! What a catastrophe! It’s not over just but not just

When you combine your feta cheese with cheeses that melt well and you’ll end up with the soupy, stringy flavor that you’ve been searching for! Keep in mind that feta cheese can be overwhelming in its taste profile. It is therefore possible to combine the cheese with goat cheese, muenster cheese or mozzarella cheese as they are all quite bland in comparison to the powerful salty feta cheese!

Another way to create feta cheese to melt into the stringy delight you’ve always wanted can be to boil the cheese twice. This means you’ll need to put the feta in a pot over a pan of boiling water. Pour whole fat milk into the pot along with the cheese, and mix continuously.

After a while, you’ll end up with an essentially cheese sauce made of feta, to which you’ll need to add your thickening agent (cornstarch for instance). After you’ve mixed it all up,  your feta cheese should look like an ice cream bowl! You are at ease to scoop, dip or even pour it out!

For a speedier “melty” feta cheese recipe make the same as we did in the microwave!

Benefits of feta cheese that isn’t melting

While the fact that feta cheese cannot melt is an issue for everyone, it isn’t necessarily the case.

If you’ve been forced to grill a piece of cheese or bake a cheese ball or sprinkle some on salads melting cheeses such as mozzarella and cheddar will not work.

That’s where feta is in!

Feta cheese is great for baked, fried, or grilled cheese ball – or even chicken that is stuffed with cheese because it’s able to keep its shape, viscosity and shape. So, you don’t get an unburnt, sticky mess on the grill, pan or the inside your oven!

Feta cheese makes great for sprinkles on salads and as a topping on an Greek dish! Because it’s delicate and moist, and non-melting, the cheese makes an excellent food item that requires a dose of salty deliciousness!

If you’ve got other food-related questions, be sure to look up the related articles below. We’re constantly adding new food information to this website for you to help make the cooking process simpler.


What is the best way to melt the cheese feta?

Feta cheese is simple for melting in the microwave. Use a microwave-safe container, put it on medium heat, then add a an acid or splash of water Nuke for 15 seconds increments, then stir to achieve the desired consistency.

Is it safe to melt Feta Cheese in the Microwave?

Yes, it’s secure to microwave a melted feta by heating it in the microwave. Because of the high moisture content of cheese, it is easy to soften.

To avoid any mishaps while melting feta cheese, stay away from using the container made of plastic in which the cheese is stored to heat it up.

Choose a microwave-safe bowl. Also, be aware of your melting to prevent overheating.

How long does it take to melt Feta Cheese in the Microwave?

Feta cheese melts quickly when heated in the microwave. Melt at high heat for 30 seconds. After stirring then repeat the process at intervals of 10 or 20 seconds for a perfect melty feta cheese.

The amount of feta that is to melt and the temperature that is set for melting will affect the amount of time required to melt cheese.

A little milk may be added in order to create a smooth texture in a short time.

Does feta taste good when it is melted?

It is important to understand that there are different types of cheese that melt. Beware of the following cheeses as they won’t melt like feta, halloumi cream, ricotta and cotija, goat and queso fresco. Beware of these cheeses because they’ll always be a bit stiff: cheddar curds, mozzarella and provolone.

Does melting feta cheese melt in an oven?

Does Feta cheese melt in an oven? Feta cheese softens when baked, however it doesn’t melt because of its large acidity. When cheeses that are acidic like Feta are cooked, their protein’s structure tightens and release water. This moisture is evaporated and the cheese turns too dry to liquefy.

Can you warm up feta cheese?

A commonly asked question is whether you can actually heat cheese feta. The answer is yes! The best feta may be cooked in a hot oven until soft and creamy.

What can feta cheese be served with?

One of the simplest and most popular ways to add feta to your dish is to break it up. Feta crumbles have so many uses that they can be used to decorate grapes, pasta, watermelon chickpeas, nuts, pizza, salads, potatoes or eggs. They’re the perfect addition of tang to make any dish more appealing.

What’s the most delicious feta cheese?

Good cheese shops and supermarkets will have different types of feta that are distinguished by milk type, origin and packaging method. The feta made with sheep’s milk (the traditional choice) are generally the sharpest ,while cow’s and goat’s milk varieties are less sharp.

What is the temperature at which feta cheese will melt at?

In the beginning, around 90°F The solid milk fat contained in the cheese starts to melt and the cheese becomes soft and the melted fat beads appear on the surface. As the cheese heats up the bonds that hold those casein protein (the primary proteins found of cheese) break and the cheese begins to collapse into a thick, liquid.

Does feta cheese melt in the pan?

It is true that feta cheese will not melt. This is due to feta having extremely high levels of acidity and also a high moisture level.

What is the flavor of feta cheese as pizza?

Feta is a curd that has been brined cheese that is a part of the Eastern Mediterranean Basin. Its flavor is more salty than other cheeses, with an underlying sweetness. It’s great with olive oil, and it blends well with oregano well, making it perfect for pizza.

What is the best way to melt cheese feta in the stove?

You can add a little bit of full or at least full milk into the jar, then add your feta. You can use skim milk or 2 percent if you like. Then, turn the stove to medium-high heat and allow the water to come to a come to a boil. As it gets hotter make sure to stir it frequently.

What cheeses are stringy when melting?

Emmental. It is among the most melting cheeses and is the principal ingredient in delicious fondue. The pH of the cheese provides it with the ideal melting point, leading to an molten liquid that’s flexible and retains its shape while also holding its.

Can you freeze feta?

If you’ve got cheese from feta that has gone to waste in your refrigerator Do not throw it away! If the cheese is fresh and free of mold growth, put it in a freezer container, label and seal the container. Then, freeze for up to one month.

Is Cheddar cheese stretchy?

Cheddar cheese wasn’t the one that was the one that melted the fastest or stretched the longest However, it was the most reliable, having pleasant color, a simple melt and even stretch. If you’re in search of a readily available cheese that can give you a great photograph, opt for cheddar. (Just ensure that it’s not aged.)

What can you tell whether feta cheese is bad?

Feta cheese will become dry in the fridge. When it is hard, dry and hard the cheese shouldn’t be eaten. Although it is acceptable to eat in this stage but the texture and taste is quite unpleasant.

Do you think feta cheese is bitter?

Feta must have a tart flavor and a strong scent. It shouldn’t taste bitter or sour, nor should it taste chalky, or tasteless. It should be able to show a few tiny holes in the surface.

Are Greek feta a good choice for health?

Feta is a great supply of calcium as well as phosphorus Both of these are essential to build strong teeth and bones. Feta can also be a valuable source of B12 and Niacin which help the body gain energy from the foods we consume.

Does feta aid in losing weight?

Feta cheese is lower in calories than other cheeses which makes it a great option for weight loss. The 28 grams of cheese contain 75 calories.

How long will the cheese feta last?

When properly stored, an unopened container of cheese crumbs will last from 5 to 7 days in the fridge. After the package has been open, you can eat or put the cheese crumbles in a freezer within the period indicated for refrigeration, regardless of whether they are not refrigerated “Best By,” “Best if Used By,” or “Use By” date has not been achieved.

Wrapping up

So, does feta cheese melt? Feta Cheese is an amazing dairy product that is used in many meals all over the world.

Now that you are aware that feta cheese doesn’t melt, and that’s why, as it doesn’t easily melt, you are able to create your favorite dishes by selecting the right cheese to use.

Also, remember that there are numerous dishes can be made with Feta cheese as well as other cheeses that are not melty.

From grating it on salads and pasta dishes, to eating it without cooking it, along with melons or other fruits that are firm, such as plums, the variety of dishes you can prepare with it is simply endless.