Grill Vs Griddle—What’s The Difference?

Many cuisine lovers would love to possess a grill or a griddle at home so that they can cook different kinds of food to suit their palates. But they are often confused about one thing: grill vs griddle: which one should they choose –a grill or a griddle?

grill vs griddle--electric grillFortunately for all barbecue lovers – and for those who prefer not to go to the restaurant to eat a fresh batch of grilled pancakes and bacon and other grilled dishes, these grills and griddles are sold in different versions for personal use at home. Are you interested in getting one?

Grills and griddles are often considered interchangeable, but there are two different cooking surfaces designed for different types of cooking.

Grill Vs Griddle: Characteristics and uses of a grill

A grill has clearly raised edges that leave “grill marks” on everything being cooked. Like outdoor grills, indoor grills are ideal for hamburgers, steaks, chops, sandwiches and all kinds of vegetables. Roast bars also separate cooked foods from their fat, reducing the total fat content of foods. In addition, most grills have a built-in area that absorbs fat during cooking.

Grill Vs Griddle: Characteristics and applications of a Griddle

A griddle has a smooth, flat surface, perfect for cooking breakfast foods such as bacon, sausages, pancakes, fries, French toast and eggs. You can also use a grill to make grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, and anything else you normally cook in a skillet. Most electric stoves or griddles are rectangular and offer more cooking surface than a conventional round pot.

Grill and griddle appliances

While simple grills and griddles are designed for cooking with gas or electricity, electric grills and griddles are workstations that can be used anywhere in the kitchen. There are several different types of these devices.

For example, a simple electric griddle is just a large open grill area, ideal for simultaneously preparing batches of foods such as pancakes or grilled cheese sandwiches. However, a reversible grill/griddle has both types of cooking surfaces. Finally, a contact griddle/grill, sometimes called a panini press, has a top and bottom surface for cooking food on both sides simultaneously.

Small contact grills/griddles are generally designed to cook one or two sandwiches (or other pressed foods) simultaneously. Large contact grills/griddles can be folded or pressed to create two open cooking surfaces. They are also often reversible plates for grilling and roasting and sometimes even wafer plates for wafer production.

The choice between a grill and a griddle

Choose your cooking appliance based on the space available in your kitchen and the type of kitchen you use the most. For example, a  grill or a griddle can easily be stored in a drawer or tall cabinet that can be easily removed if necessary (for example, for cooking for a large, hungry group).

If you can’t decide whether to buy a grill or a griddle, a reversible grill/griddle may be the best choice in terms of versatility and efficiency. It has a grill surface on one side and a grill plate on the other. Stoves are often available in cast iron and non-stick finishes.

However, if you need the cooking space of a stove top grill but don’t want to connect the stove top for preparing large meals, a conventional electric grill/griddle is the best option. In addition, the simple versions are light enough to get in and out of the storage area.

Wrapping up: grill vs griddle

If you usually cook for one or two people, a small grill or a small electric griddle is perfect. These can stay on the work surface, but are small enough to store in a closet or drawer. A large contact griddle is the ultimate in versatility, but it is a large kitchen tool that should be parked somewhere inside for your own convenience.