Hamilton Beach 38518R Durathon Ceramic Griddle Review

Are you looking for a detailed Hamilton Beach 38518R Durathon Ceramic Griddle Review? If the answer is yes, read on.

Well, if you’re looking for a complete kitchen tool to satisfy your cooking passion and your family’s insatiable urge for food, you may have found the right one. It is indeed a great pleasure to wake up your family and give  them perfectly cooked pancakes, eggs and other breakfast treats. Don’t you think they would relish it? If you think they would, should read this Hamilton Beach 38518R Durathon Ceramic Griddle Review.

The Hamilton Beach Durathon 38518 Ceramic Griddle isHamilton Beach 38518R Durathon Ceramic Griddle Review. your trusted partner when it comes to preparing your favorite dishes in the blink of an eye and cooking them to perfection.

Hamilton Beach Durathon 38518R Griddle Features

– Dimensions: 4.2″ x 14.2″ x 25.8″.

– Weight: 6 lbs.

– Large 200 square inch cooking surface

– Durathon non-stick ceramic coating

– The materials used are free of PTFE and PFOA.

– Fully submersible

– With detachable cord

– Adjustable heat

– Removable dishwasher-safe grease separator

Advantages of the Hamilton Beach 38518R Durathon Ceramic Griddle

Perhaps the best feature of this Hamilton Beach Griddle is its non-stick Durathon ceramic coating, which is four times more durable than its traditional non-stick counterparts. This special coating will neither crack nor chip and is much more durable.

You don’t need slaves to scrape off food and debris, and half your eggs or sausages won’t stick to the floor because when you use this dish, they slide right off, so they can be turned and moved easily.

It has a 200-square-inch cooking surface that can hold all your food. You no longer need to use multiple pans unless you’re handling soups and sauces, because you can cook the dishes simultaneously with a smooth transition because there’s nothing to clean on the surface.

Breakfast food has never been so easy to prepare because you can fry your eggs, bacon, pancakes and toast all at the same time. This saves space, time and energy!

With the variety of brands and products on the market, you can never be sure that what you get is safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals that can leak or stick to your food.

With this Durathon ceramic griddle, you don’t have to worry because it is guaranteed PTFE and PFOA free. None of the materials used in the manufacture of this appliance can have any harmful effects on your food or health.

Adjustable heat settings offer a wider range of possibilities for the foods you can cook. You can even grill hamburgers, hot dogs and meat on this plate without worrying about using any other appliances or tools.

You can easily switch from soft pancakes to juicy pork chops at the touch of a button. Although you can reach the maximum heating potential of 400° Fahrenheit, the handles stay cool, so you can easily move the plate from the grill and transfer it accidentally without burning yourself.

You don’t have to worry about how the intense heat can ruin your kitchen tiles, as it is designed specifically to be used as a kitchen appliance. The feet are also equipped with rubber stoppers that create friction and prevent any sudden, unwanted movement.

You’ll love the dishwasher-safe, removable grease trap that collects surface grease. Since grease is most often needed to prevent food from sticking to the surface, you’ll need less oil with this grate.

Even when cooking meat, you will find that this version of Hamilton Beach successfully extracts the natural oils from the food and provides the grease needed for cooking.

It has a removable cord that allows you to place the grill plate on its own and submerge it when cleaning. This allows you to clean not only the surface, but also the edges and corners, which often trap grease and dirt from splashes and spills.

You have the green light to clean this product thoroughly, making sure it does not contain any bacteria that can affect the cleanliness of your dishes.

What you need to know

Of those who have purchased, used and evaluated this product, there does not appear to be any significant negative points so far.

However, products like this suffer from manufacturing problems, so if you receive a defective product, you can do so.

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Wrapping up: Hamilton Beach 38518R Durathon Ceramic Griddle Review

With 4.3 out of 5 stars, Hamilton Beach’s Durathon 38518r ceramic griddle occupies a comfortable place in Amazon’s best-seller ranking. This product has been generously awarded 5 stars by approximately 71% of happy users.

Is there anything you can complain about Hamilton Beach Durathon 38518? Not really. For one thing, this griddle has a large cooking surface with different heat settings which can help you prepare breakfast as well as your lunch and  dinner. And as it is equipped with the Durathon ceramic coating, you’re sure to enjoy the combined benefits of this griddle for many years. Hopefully, this detailed Hamilton Beach 38518R Durathon ceramic griddle review will give you enough idea as to whether you should buy it or settle for another. But we can assure you that if you choose this ceramic griddle, you won’t be a loser.

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