How long to cook pancakes on each side

How long to cook pancakes on each side

How long to cook pancakes on each sideHow long it takes to cook a pancake on each side is certainly not an exact science , generally speaking, given the constant variations from pan to pan – but you can definitely look for a clear visual clue to show you when everything is going well and when it is ready. By looking carefully at your pancakes and using your preferred method of flipping them, you can prevent your breakfast from being undercooked or burned.

First side

In a lightly oiled skillet or griddle over medium heat, a regular pancake will take about two to three minutes on each side to bake. Although you can use this time as a guideline, it’s best to watch the pancake as it cooks to make sure it’s cooked evenly and is puffy. When the first side of the pancake is cooked, bubbles will form on the outside of the uncovered side – first at the edges, then in the center. When air pockets begin to form in the center, flip the pancake over to the other side.

Second side

Since the above strategy will not work for the next side, use the time it took you to do the first side as your guide. As you approach the second side, gently lift the pancake with the spatula and look for the bright golden color of a finished pancake.

How do I know if the pancake is fully cooked?

You will have to watch for bubbles on the main side; if they form and the cake looks slightly dry at the edges, turn it over. After a while or so, lift one edge of the hot cake – this is done when the other side is shiny and golden. Do this over medium heat, but start with a hot skillet or a griddle. Try not to overcook them, otherwise they will dry out. Remove them from the heat much sooner than you think because the pancake will continue to cook for a while.

Apart from waiting for the bubbles as an indication to turn the pancake, and then leave the next side to turn golden in color, if you think it’s done, you can take a wooden toothpick and stick it in the center. If it comes out clean without anything messy or sticky about it, the pancake is ready. If it has a portion of raw batter on it, it is not finished. I like thick pancakes, that’s why I do it. With thin pancakes, it’s probably redundant.

How long to cook pancakes on each side

Wrapping up

You should wait until you see, as I have already mentioned, bubbles forming on the pancake. After a while or so, you will notice a few more, and then test the bottom. If it’s brown and comes out of the skillet or pan with ease, it’s ready to be turned over. If not, wait a little longer. After two or three tries, you’ll get used to the exact number of air bubbles you should expect. This takes about two minutes, but depends on the size of the pancake, the recipe, the type of pan and the temperature, so bubbles are a better method of checking whether it is time to flip the pancake. You may make a few mistakes initially, but after a few tries, I swear, you would become an expert pancake maker and will earn praise from your family members and guests you have invited to your small party.