How To Boil Water On An Electric Griddle

How To Boil Water On An Electric Griddle

Do you want to know how to boil water on an electric griddle? It might sound strange and a bit confusing but sometimes you need to think out of the box to do such small things which apparently seem very easy but not so when you try to do it.

How To Boil Water On An Electrical GriddleYes, you will have to think differently when you consider using your electric griddle for boiling water. An electric griddle has a flat, non-sticky surface that heats to the temperature set by the person who is cooking. Food that is normally prepared in a pan cooks directly on the surface of the cooker without any additional utensils. But in order to boil water you would require a glass pan to hold it without damaging the non-stick surface of the cooker. This method takes longer than heating in a metal pan on a stovetop. Besides, it depends on the model of your griddle and the type of glass used in the construction of your cooking pot.



Preheat the electric griddle to the maximum.

Do not fill the glass pot more than half its capacity with water.

Carefully place the pot at the center of the griddle without pulling it across the surface of the plate.

Allow the water to boil, which is indicated by bubbles rising quickly to the surface of the water and breaking.

Lift the pot directly from the surface of the electric griddle lest you should scratch the surface.

Wrapping up

I am sure this small trick is nothing new. Anyone can do it if he knows how to do it. And now that you know how to boil water on an electric griddle, you should be able to do it easily without any hassle.