West Bend 72212 Electric Skillet Review

Here is a brief  West Bend electric skillet review. If you would like to purchase the West Bend 72215 Olong 12″ x 15″ electric skillet, click here.

Over view: West Bend Electric Skillet

It is quite obvious that the manufacturers of the 72212 model wanted to solve a problem which is pretty common with many other electric skillets: the sides are not high enough and thereby making the appliance much less useful and efficient for cooking different foods.
West Bend 72212 Electric Skillet review
If you focus only on the brochure of that particular product, then most people and readers will probably be happy to know that this device is extensive and has a very deep frying pan that should contain most of the foods, ingredients and/or dishes you want to cook.

Another feature that is not very common in many skillets (but is present in this product) is a steam outlet device that should release the pressure that occurs when you activate an electrical appliance (such as the Presto 16 electric frying pan that has a glass cover but simply does not have the steam outlet device that is required).

Therefore, this product has these two interesting, practical and useful features that other electric skillets do not have, and in theory the 72212 model should have a serious advantage over its competitors. However, for such a cooking tool to be effective and popular, it must be able to cook food properly and obtain decent cooking results.

Performance of the West Bend electric skillet

Another useful feature of the appliance are the feet that can tilt the cooking surface so that recipes end up being cooked with less grease, fat and other unhealthy oils.

Like many other skillets you can find on the market, the West Bend 72212 has a non-stick coating that is applied to the cook top to prevent food from sticking to it, making cleaning easier.

However, it seems that the high sides and surface are rather thin, which distributes the heat unevenly sometimes. If this is not enough, there are complaints that the non-stick coating is probably not thick enough to maintain the heat properly, so this electrical appliance has to be turned off  a few times when one try to heat it for a long period of time.

On the other hand, it includes useful temperature controls that allow the user to make various temperature settings, and if this is not enough, the pan is also dishwasher safe, although it is generally not recommended to put non-stick cooking utensils in the dishwasher, as they may damage the non-stick coating over time.

The West Bend electric skillet clearly has a lot of potential because of its relatively low price compared to other electric skillets, its much-needed steam ventilation and its extra deep walls.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, going through this  West Bend 72212  electric skillet review, you will understand that it is an ideal solution for breakfast, lunch and dinner where only a simple and effective preparation is desired. And don’t forget that kitchen utensils like this West Bend electric skillet are perfect for the hot summer months when you don’t really want to stand in front of a stove or an oven to prepare a meal, which is quite tiring. Instead, you do all this from your switch. It is both versatile and portable because you can carry it anywhere. This electric skillet is indeed for those who are in the market looking out for the perfect gift for that person who has all the cooking utensils at home except this one. This West Bend electric skillet will make him happy!


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