Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 Combination Electric Skillet, Roaster and Fryer Review

Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 Combination Electric Skillet, Roaster and Pan Fryer Review

 The Wolfgang WPER0010 Combination Electric Skillet, Roaster and Fryer is one of the most versatile cooking devices you’ve ever found. The good thing about this appliance is that it is not only an electric frying pan, but also a grill and fryer. It is true that they can brown your fried rice, fry your chickens and ham hocks. And all these functions are integrated into a small machine. If you read this Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 Combination Electric Skillet, Roaster and pan Fryer Review, you will be able to decide whether you would need this fancy kitchen gadget or settle for another pan fryer that serves your purpose more.


Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 Combination Electric Skillet, Roaster, and Fryer ReviewOne of the best aspects of all-in-one devices like this is that it saves you a ton of counter space and storage space. Instead of placing the 3 appliances on the counter or in the cabinet (if not required), the Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 electric skillet allows you to let the three of them do the work for you, saving you a lot of counter space in the process.


Dome Top – This electric skillet and frying pan has a rounded top, which is very important when cooking larger dishes such as turkeys, chickens and sausages. If the lid is too flat, you can’t cover the skillet because the food protrudes from above. A domed lid allows the pan to be covered during cooking and the juice to be stored in it.

Versatility – As mentioned above, this is a multifunctional device that can do the work of 3 different appliances – brown, roast and fry. It must be more efficient and cost effective to buy devices that can be used in more ways than it would be to buy them separately, which not only takes up more space on the countertop, but also costs more.

Easy to clean – Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 is very easy to clean. First of all, it’s dishwasher safe, so if you don’t want to do the dishes by hand. You will just have to put them in the dishwasher and that’s it. You will receive a clean, ready-to-use electric kitchen the next time you need it. The smooth, silky and non-sticky surface makes cleaning easier, as the non-stick coating does not allow the food to adhere to the bottom of the tray.


Markings not visible

Customers often complained that the markings on the temperature controller began to fade over time. But there’s no problem. This is very common in most appliances. Unfortunately, manufacturers have not yet found a way to fix the marks permanently.

Large and bulky – Another possible disadvantage of this electric cooker is that it can be too bulky, as it is larger in size, which often makes it difficult to place it on the kitchen counter. If you have a very small kitchen, you should  choose a smaller electric frying pan.


Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 Combination Electric Skillet, Roaster and Fryer Review

Customer feedback

Most of the customers who bought from Amazon have a good word about this Wolfgang Puck electric cooker and pan fryer. One of them made this comment after using this electric pan fryer:

Over the years I had a lot of electric frying pans and in a short time either the nonstick coating started to fall off— either they could not keep up with the temperature or they stopped working. This toaster/skill/fresher makes it all. This is the easiest way to clean it, especially when you remove the skillet part from the base and everything else becomes fine. I don’t want to say anything! I’ve fried several turkey breasts and they are so good and quick to prepare without heating the entire kitchen.

Here is another person waxing eloquent about this model:

This device is incredible. It becomes very hot and easy to clean. And best of all, it’s versatile, as you can cook a wide variety of items on this appliance. All Wolfgang Puck devices are great.

Final verdict

 Is the Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 Combination Electric skillet, Roaster and Pan Fryer worth buying? The answer is definitely yes. Hopefully, this Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 Combination Electric skillet, Roaster and pan fryer  review has given you the answers to all your questions about this model.

The Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 undoubtedly can be a great choice if you need a high-quality electric pan fryer. Its versatility makes it a product worth buying. And the fact that you get 3 devices in one is an excellent value for money. We recommend this electric pan fryer to anyone who is looking for a combination kitchen gadget that delivers.