How Long Do Deviled Eggs Last In The Fridge?

How Long Do Deviled Eggs Last In The Fridge?

How Long Do Deviled Eggs Last In The Fridge?

Deviled eggs aren’t only for occasions like parties and holidays. They’re a great, cost-effective appetizer for busy weeknights and also as an excellent lunch idea! Find out more about the storage of deviled eggs here. Have you ever wondered what might cause the green ring that surrounds an egg’s yolk cooked egg? I’ve got the solution to this, as well as many other storage and safety issues. Lastly, I am also going to answer the question you are primarily here for: “How long do deviled eggs last in the fridge?”

Deviled eggs (often known as stuffed eggs) are a wonderful method to spice up your weekly dinners. They are often reserved for celebrations or holidays small bites of happiness are an ideal to make ahead side dish for hectic weeknights! Home cooks, get ready!

How Long Do Deviled Eggs Last?

Because deviled eggs typically include the same ingredients as eggs salads, FoodSafety.Gov, a website we often refer to, recommends consuming deviled eggs within 3 to four days, provided that they are kept in a refrigerator at 40 degrees or less.

How Long Do Deviled Eggs Last Outside the Fridge?

However, it is also important to be aware of how long you allow eggs to sit  unrefrigerated. According to, 2 hours is the longest time that deviled eggs and hard-boiled eggs can be kept at the room temperatures. However, if the eggs are exposed to high temperatures under the summer sun and in that case, they must be thrown out within an hour.

Also, it’s essential to ensure that the eggs are cold and refrigerated until it’s time to transport them or serve the eggs. suggests using an ice cooler at the time to transport eggs with deviled eggs to keep them chilled during the journey.

Why Are They So Perishable?

The local USDA Food Safety department told us that hard-cooked eggs are more prone to spoiling than fresh eggs. Eggs that have been cooked in hard-boiled form should not be cooked for longer than 2 hours, and then consumed within one week.

Similar timeframes apply to eggs deviled. However, due to their delicacy as well as the ingredients that make up the fillings, it is not uncommon for eggs to be stored in the fridge typically just for one or two days.

Safety is of paramount importance. So, make sure to get rid of any eggs that were stored in the room for more than two hours or kept within the fridge for longer than two weeks.

How To Store Deviled Eggs In The Fridge?

Deviled eggs must be kept inside an airtight container within the coldest section in the fridge. The coldest area of the fridge will differ depending on the model, the most warm part is always located near the door.

Temperatures of air can fluctuate drastically in the refrigerator’s doors. This is because of to that the door being shut and opened several times throughout the day. So, do not store eggs salad inside the doorways.

In order to ensure that the yolk mixture isn’t dry and to ensure that your eggs maintain their uniform pale yellow color You can cover them in plastic wrap. The plastic wrap provides a second layer of protection between your eggs as well as any odors from your refrigerator.

Why You Should Store Deviled Eggs At Or Below 40 degF?

According to the USDA, bacteria multiply faster between temperatures between 40degF and 140degF. This is called the “Danger Zone” and should be kept clear of.

There are two types of bacteria that you have to be mindful of when it pertains to food security.

The first types of bacteria are pathogenic ones. These are the bacteria that can cause you to become sick. They are most prevalent in the temperatures that are in the “danger zone.” They are the sneaky ones since they don’t usually affect the appearance, smell or taste of food.

The second type of bacteria to be aware of includes spoilage bacteria. They are the ones that cause food items to turn slimy or mushy as well as decay. Spoilage bacteria prevent people to eat the produce. It will probably not cause people sick if they ate the food.

Best Deviled Egg Carriers

If you’re a lover of deviled eggs, or would like to create deviled eggs for parties, you will need a carrier for deviled eggs to keep your eggs safe and attractive.

My favorite for everyday use at home is the Snapware Snap N Stack carrier. If I’m going to host a potluck or serve an event or a more elaborate food, I like this round tray.

How Long Can Deviled Eggs Be Left Out?

Ideally, you’d like to keep eggs in a refrigerator till you’re ready to take them out for breakfast, but this doesn’t happen all the time at holidays, particularly when there are gatherings and celebrations.

So, don’t set your eggs in the deviled egg dish for longer than one hour when the temperature is 90degF or higher, 2 hours if the temperature is lower than 90degF.

Always be on the side of caution and discard any eggs that you think might have gone bad, or eggs kept out for longer than 2 hours. Do not be a risk of getting your family members or your loved ones sick.

Keep in mind that you’ll spend the same amount of time, money traveling to the hospital emergency rooms than you make the deviled eggs again!

How To Know Whether Deviled Eggs Are Bad?

When dealing with leftovers, it is important to remember that deviled eggs are generally excellent to consume within 3 to four days. But, it’s feasible for eggs to be spoiled before 3 to four days have passed.

It’s better to use your sense of smell and sight before relying on your taste sense. What I am referring to is that you must ensure that your eggs are attractive and smell nice before you even taste them.

Deviled eggs need to be removed when they exhibit an unpleasant smell or appear to have visible mold. They should also be disposed of to be thrown away when the color of the dish shifts or if they are sour tasting.

The unpleasant as well as “off” odors, color shifts or changes in mold, or the “off-putting” taste are all indications that you’ve got eggs that are rotten.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes The Green Ring Around The Yolk Of Hard-Cooked Eggs?

The green ring surrounding the yolk of an egg hard-boiled happens when hydrogen from the egg’s white reacts with sulfur found in the yolk. This usually occurs when eggs are cooked for too long, however, it could also result due to an excess of iron in the water used to cook eggs. While they look ugly the green rings that are on eggs are safe to consume.

Can You Freeze Deviled Eggs?

Yes it is possible to freeze deviled egg. But you shouldn’t do it. Eggs that have been hard-boiled become tough and chewy after being they are frozen. There is no reason for anyone to consume eggs that are hard and chewy.

If you do insist on freezing deviled eggs make sure that they are stored in a freezer-safe airtight container that can be used in 1 to 2 month. Then, you can thaw them within the fridge.

I think that it’s much simpler to prepare deviled eggs on a regular basis, rather than freezing them particularly since they can be made quickly and using a few food items in the pantry.

How Long Are Hard-Boiled Eggs Good For In The Fridge?

In the shell, or peeled, hard-cooked (hard-boiled or not cut) eggs can be eaten for around seven days (7 days) when they are stored in the refrigerator within 2 hours after cooking.

Similar to deviled eggs, ensure that the eggs that you cook yourself are kept in an airtight dish in the coldest area of your refrigerator.

How Far In Advance Can One Make Deviled Eggs?

For the best quality, you should begin making the stuffed eggs at least one to two days ahead.

Here’s an overview for you to follow:

Two days prior you start boiling, peel and boil your eggs. The eggs should be left uncut.

A day prior, slice eggs, cook the filling and then fill the eggs.

Just before to serving them, decorate eggs with any toppings  like bacon or paprika, scallions etc.

Best Deviled Egg Dishes

Broccoli and cheese

This recipe for deviled eggs combines egg yolks, mustard, black pepper, vinegar and mix. After that you can add broccoli and cheese to the mix. To garnish, add additional cheese to the mix by spooning it or pipe-filling it onto egg whites.

Buffalo chicken

You can make this deviled egg recipe by mixing Greek yogurt with buffalo sauce, black pepper in the same bowl along with the egg yolk. Mix in the chicken and cheese. Pour the filling to an empty pipe or bowl. Sprinkle hot sauce on the top.

Hot chili

You can make this deviled egg recipe by mashing egg yolks using lime juice and chili sauce. Add smoked paprika and black pepper and smoked paprika to make it the mixture is smooth. Pour the filling to an empty piper or bowl, and drizzle it with hot sauce. Sprinkle some paprika on top.

Salsa and Chipotle

Make this deviled eggs version by mixing egg yolks and the lime juice, black pepper and until it is smooth. Add chipotle peppers and salsa. Sprinkle with more salsa following the spooning process or by pipe filling.


Create this deviled egg variation by mash egg yolks and avocado. Mix in lime juice and tarragon. Blend until it is smooth. Add tarragon and green peppers right after filling with pipe or spoon.

Bacon and cheese

Make this deviled eggs version by mixing egg yolks with vinegar, mustard as well as black pepper, until they are smooth. Mix in the bacon and cheese. Sprinkle with bacon or cheese, after taking a spoon or pipe.

Sun-dried tomato

Create this deviled egg variation by mash egg yolks with vinegar and mustard until it’s the mixture is smooth. Mix in sun-dried tomatoes and cheese. Add parsley. Sprinkle with sun-dried tomato cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and even more parsley.


Create this deviled egg variation by mashing egg yolks with lime juice and cumin until it is smooth. Mix in the jalapenos, cheese, and bell peppers red. After the mixture has been incorporated into the egg whites, you can sprinkle with diced jalapenos.

Ham and cheddar

Make this deviled eggs version by mixing egg yolks in vinegar and mustard. Add the cheese and Ham. Then, add additional cheddar cheese and the ham to the egg whites.

Related Questions:

How far in advance can you prepare deviled eggs?

Deviled eggs can be prepared for up to two days ahead. It is essential to keep egg yolk and whites separated. Cover the egg whites by wrapping them in plastic. Cover the yolk of the egg with the plastic bag.

It is it okay to boil eggs overnight?

It is possible to make hard-boiled eggs ahead of time by peeling and cooking them as the instructions. After that, put them in a sealed container that you can store in the fridge for at least to the period of five days.

Are eggs peelable before time?

In the event that the eggs will need to be consumed within a short time the eggs should be kept chilled. It is recommended to hold off until the eggs are cooked to be added to your dish or consumed to peel the shells off them. It is possible to store cooked eggs inside the shell for up to one week.

Wrapping up

How Long Do Deviled Eggs Last In The Fridge?

How long do deviled eggs last in the fridge? I’m sure you’ve already received a solution to that question, if you have read this article thoroughly.

Regarding  food safety, it’s always best to take a step of caution than to be at risk of becoming sick from food-borne bacteria. There’s always the chance that your refrigerator doesn’t have an even temperature of 40F and if your eggs begin to smell off or have a weird texture or color, or there are any other doubts, throw them out.


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