Reviews Of The Best Presto Griddle

Best Presto electric griddle reviews

The Presto brand is the first name of a brand that comes to one’s mind when one thinks of electric griddles. This should not come as a great surprise, especially considering the status and popularity of the company. The average Presto product is quite an inexpensive one when you compare it with other griddles. However, the Presto products are so exquisitely crafted that the end results can easily outmatch more expensive products. Presto’s standard kitchen appliances are aimed at catering to the comfort of the users and hence these models are highly recommended by people all over the world.

This company presently offers a large number of models that can compete for spots on the top 10 electric griddles. Among the appliances of this brand, whose prices are quite attractive, there are a few large models and a small model intended for use by one or two people.presto electric griddle

The list of uses contains brief reviews on Presto’s various griddles. Please note that currently not all types of products of this brand are included in this list, but only the most popular ones.

1. Presto 07046 Tilt n Drain Big Griddle

The Presto 07046 Tilt n Drain Big Griddle Cool Touch Electric Griddle has a nonstick feature and has a  surface measurement  of 15 by 18.5 inches. As such, this product  offers a spacious cooking space. This unit has a Tilt ‘n Drain built-in feature that help to drain the grease more easily if you compare it with other electrical griddles.

However, the center of the 07046 Big griddle seems to get less hot than the rest of the surface, and hence require more user attention with regard to  temperature control and monitoring of the food.

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2. Presto 07071 15-inch Electric Tilt-n-fold Griddle, Black

Let’s now talk about the Presto 07071 Electric Tilt-n-fold Griddle.

This product is suitable for all meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It fits easily from a flat cooking surface for eggs and pancakes to a sloping surface for meat. The legs can be folded up and the drip tray snaps into place for easy and compact storage. it has a heavy cast aluminium base with a large 184 square inch cooking surface.
presto electric griddle
The high-quality non-stick surface ensures non-stick cooking and easy cleaning. The Control The Master heat control automatically maintains the desired cooking temperature. The sliding drip tray is easy to empty and also easy to clean. The model is fully submersible without the heat control. Just Lower the levers to tilt the frying surface when cooking meat. This product is also foldable for storage and fits most standard 18″ kitchen cabinets.

All in all, this model can be a great addition to your kitchen.

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3. Presto 07030 Great Touch 20 inch Griddle Black

Presto 07030 Cool Touch 20″ Electric Griddle Black. This electric appliance is big enough to allow the whole family to cook at the same time, but not as big as other models like the Big griddle, so it takes up less space and is easier to manoeuvre.

Like the additional griddles of the same brand, it is inexpensive, heats up quickly and is designed to be easy to clean. Despite all its positive features, the 07030 tends to slip a little, probably due to the lack of a rubber base. However, it can be solved with little effort for the user.

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 4. Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

The Presto Liddle Griddle is designed for a presto griddlesmall group of people, usually one or two, and this appliance offers some really interesting features which users like very much. As this type of appliance is dishwasher safe, it can also be easily put in the dishwasher.

Unlike other griddles, which are made by this company (and other brands), this griddle is incredibly compact and does not take up much space in your cooking area. Its heat distribution can also be more precise, probably because of its small size.

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5. Presto 07045 Cool-Touch Tilt ‘N Strain, family model

The Presto 07045 family size electric grilddle Cool-Touch Tilt ‘N Drain is also a very p[opular product.  Like many Presto griddles that offer a large non-stick surface for food preparation, the design and shape of the 07045 has some related features. These features include a “tilt and drain” function, a new dishwasher and a number of other things that might be of interest to the average consumer. However, the larger size of this product may make cleaning and storage difficult, and the heat distribution is not very sound in this model.

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Wrapping up

Reviews of the best Presto griddle

Hope this general review of the best Presto electric griddles has given you some idea about this company if you haven’t heard about it before. In general, the electric griddles of this company are quite well-known, in addition to this , they also manufacture other products, which include propane gas grills, pressure cookers, electric grills and a whole lot of kitchen gadgets.