Why Is Dragon Fruit So Expensive?

Why Is Dragon Fruit so expensive?

Why Is Dragon Fruit so expensive?

Why is dragon fruit so expensive? Do you have any idea? If you don’t, you should go through this blog post which deals with this topic.

Popularly known as the Dragon Fruit, which is also called pitahaya or strawberry pear, it is among the top exotic fruits that garner the sort of respect that other fruit that are bland like the cantaloupe can only imagine.

In general the fruit is exotic due to the exterior of its reddish-pink flesh. It is also covered in lush green leaves.

If you cut it open, you’ll find that the flesh equally appealing, with white inside pulp that is dotted with tiny black seeds.

Its taste is refreshing and lightly sweet, ideal for summer.

In addition the name itself speaks volumes about it, as it really says, look at me, “I’m so unique” For this reason it has earned an enviable reputation as it has helped other exotic fruits like Dorian to get into the spotlight of world-wide fame.

Anyone who has gone to purchase this fruit are aware that it’s not among the least expensive fruits that you can purchase in the market. Although you will not have to pay the same amount on the fruit of the dragon when compared to Yubari melon, it is expensive.

Why is dragon fruit so expensive? Is its fresh appearance and sweet taste worth the price? Let’s find out!

Dragon fruit’s main reasons for being so expensive

Fruits and vegetables can be costly. Dragon fruit, however, is the cake. Dragon fruit for the majority of people is so costly that it’s not necessarily worth it regardless of health benefits, or not.

However, it’s so odd and appealing that you cannot resist to resist, but how can you ?

Here are the most important reasons why dragon fruit is costly.

  1. Dragon Fruit is an Exotic Fruit, which makes it Expensive

The first and foremost is that dragon fruit is typically imported, and this could dramatically increase the cost of its purchase.

According to the Food Network estimates that one piece of this fruit could cost you around $10. Given that it’s no more than a regular mango that’s quite a sum to shell out.

As you would expect, there will be reasons for that this fruit, which is small in size is so expensive.

Let’s first say that it is a native of Mexico, South and Central America which is why a large portion of it is shipped into the US however, a lot of the imports we import come from Vietnam.

This is the sole reason for the price of the fruit being higher in comparison to other of the native fruits in our country, i.e., the delicious red apples.

However, Hawaii, California, and Florida are all home to dragon fruit. But , as noted by the New York Times, natural catastrophes like droughts, wildfires or hurricanes often have a significant impact on the economics in these three states notably the agriculture sector.

Additionally, the dragon fruit’s harvest season runs from June until September. As per the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, it is also when wildfires and hurricanes hit these regions.

Therefore, Americans are only left with one option– obtain the best quality supply of this fruit by imports at a cost that is higher than the cost.

  1. The Demand of Dragon Fruit Exceeds Supply

As with other products, commercial items or services it is the supply-demand law that decides the price of a product. So, dragon fruit also falls into the group where the demand exceeds the supply.

The New York Times has pointed out how this fruit’s attractive quality has generated a lot of attention among American people in recent years.

In addition, the statistics published by Agricultural Marketing Resource Center show that the market for this fruit is greater than the supply available in the US and this is the reason behind the price increase.

  1. Dragon Fruit Takes a Long Time to Grow

It is evident that dragon fruit actually is a slow-growing fruit that takes time to grow. From the time the seed begins to germinate until an actual flower begins to bloom it can take up to half an entire year.

And then, another few years pass until the first fruit begins to appear.

If you consider that you will need whole farm of fruit trees to collect the plant and then waiting for it to grow for to grow for a long time is a method to make money.

Therefore, farmers must increase the cost to compensate for their losses. This is reflected in what we end up paying as consumers.

  1. Dragon Fruit Has Numerous Health Benefits

Typically organic fruits and vegetables are more expensive than the usual types. For instance, the organic dragon fruit could cost up to more than twice the price.

The cost of $10 to purchase one might seem a bit excessive however that doesn’t stop prevent shell fans from examining its numerous health benefits.

Like many other vegetables and fruits like avocado, berries and soy, the fact that dragon fruit is thought to be an nutrient-rich food pushes the cost up.

It’s on par with the organic and sustainable foods in terms of cost.

Luckily, you don’t need to be in the tropical regions to reap the advantages from this fruit. It is easily available frozen or fresh at food stores across the globe.

Now, let’s look into some of the benefits it has to offer. This will allow us to comprehend why so many people say that they are the pinnacle of health.

Dragon fruit is extremely low in calories, but it is packed with various vital vitamins and minerals like Vitamins C E, C and magnesium. These nutrients aid in boosting the immune system as well as lowering iron levels.

Additionally, it’s abundant in fiber in the diet, which is widely known to aid in digestion. Apart from the essential nutrition, these fruit have plant-based compounds that are beneficial like carotenoids betacyanins, as well as polyphenols.

Dragon fruit is loaded with antioxidants, which makes it a great weapon against chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular issues.

Some media outlets, such as such as the New York Times have hinted that in the past decade, there has been a growing concerns from the health industry about the importance of dragon fruit for digestive health.

The fruit is loaded with prebiotics that can increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract including bifidobacteria as well as lactobacilli. Prebiotics for example, can help reduce diarrhea and lower the risk of infection in your digestive tract.

Dragon fruit appears to be not only attractive but also a nutritious food item that you can include in your diet.

  1. Very Short Shelf Life and difficult to store

A ripe dragon fruit quickly degrades and must be kept in the refrigerator wrapped in a newspaper towel for no longer than three days. If you are looking to purchase the dragon fruit to celebrate a special occasion it is recommended to buy unripe fruit that does not have a clear skin and are also firm.

Dragon fruit is not able to be kept for longer than a week which means that the price increases substantially. Shop workers must ensure temperatures between 45 to 50°F, which is the best for preserving the dragon fruit over a long. Add in long transportation times and difficult storage conditions, and you’ll be able to see why the cost for dragon fruits is very expensive.

Avoid the Pricey Cost of Dragon Fruit by Farming it

Are you a foodie or a health conscious who enjoys taking this delicious exotic fruit frequently but don’t want be forced to pay the steep price every day?

You could be lucky enough to live in a warm or humid climate like South Florida or own a greenhouse. You can reduce the cost of fruit by growing your own.

The dragon fruit is part of the cactus family; you can cultivate this fruit by cutting the stem of a previously-existing plant or by staking seeds. Be aware that seeds that are grown from will take some time before they begin producing fruit.

So, the first method is better should you want to drink some delicious dragon fruit smoothies immediately.

Be aware that the dragon fruit is typically green. Therefore, when you pick one out of your garden, pick the bright red fruit. There may be some spots but not too many, as this will indicate that it’s not ripe enough. Similar to avocado and kiwi, the ripe fruit will be soft but not slippery.

In the end it, the dragon fruit will likely not be as affordable as other fruits at the local supermarket. But, its attractive, exotic appearance and numerous health benefits are well worth the cost.

So, if you’re trying to include some variety in your diet the tropical fruit will be the top choice.

If you have any other food related questions, make sure to look up the related posts below. We’re always adding new food information for you to help make the process is much simpler.

It’s hard to make money from dragon fruit.

As the supply is limited, you’ll have difficulty finding the product at a sale.

In actual fact the waiting around for sales to be announced on dragon fruit is likely making you not be able to purchase the fruit at the same time.

A dragon fruit may cost up to $10 for a single portion of fruit.

Given that dragon fruit isn’t any bigger than a huge mango or pear that’s a lot of money to be spent.

For those who truly enjoy dragon fruit or are convinced of their health benefits, there’s always the option to grow your own.

If you reside in a tropical climate that is warm such as Florida and the surrounding areas, you are close to establishing the dragon fruits of your very own.

Even if you reside in a climate that is warm it is possible that you will have to think about an arrangement that is greenhouse-like to grow Dragon fruit.

This is a plant which will require lots of warm temperatures in order to grow.

Dragon fruit plants can be planted straight from seeds in the fruit you bought.

You’ll have to wait around four years before seeing the dragon fruit appear from the seeds you planted.

This is, naturally it’s a long wait however, think about all the money you can save if you care for the plant to begin producing in the future.

Indeed, it is possible that you might even start selling dragon fruits in order to earn an extra income!

If you don’t grow one of your own, it’ll be hard to make money from dragon fruit.

It could turn out to be among those items that you have to accept it as costly and then leave it at that.

Dragon fruit are not always readily available in supermarkets all year long.

Make the most of them whenever you find them, so you do not miss out.

Does Dragon Fruit Have a Lot of Flavor?

Many people who have tried dragon fruit claim that it tastes like nothing. As compared to different exotic fruit, the flavor of Dragon fruit is light. Dragon fruit is one of the most suitable options for a type of smoothie.

You can incorporate a lot of health benefits in the drink using things that don’t alter the taste much. Dragon fruit is will help to keep calories and sugar levels in the smoothie down in addition.

Keep in mind that, as when it comes to fruits dragon fruit is extremely low in calories. It is more common in fruits than vegetables. This is why it is a good option to include in the smoothie drinks you drink.

Wrapping up

So, why is dragon fruit so expensive? Well, I hope you’ve already got some understanding as to why dragon fruit is expensive. I would definitely like to see the Government taking necessary steps towards lowering the price of dragon fruit, but that isn’t something likely to happen in the near future.

The price seems to be excessive at any time of the year. It’s sometimes difficult to find dragon fruits in the stores It can be harder to locate it for sale. This is one of the things that we generally come across least once in a while.

If you’ve never tried the dragon fruit before, you should consider buying one to check out how its health benefits affect your life and see how it tastes like.

Is Dragon fruit worth the cost? Dragon fruit is definitely worth the cost because it is high in antioxidants, very high in prebiotics and fiber that help strengthen the immune system. It also it has a sweet, syrupy and grassy flavor, as well as honey-like sweet aroma and an interesting exotic appearance.